Helen of Joy is the sonic equivalent of driving alone on a long dirt road at 3 am. Much like being in one's car, there is a sense of warmth and safety to their music but there is also something more sinister lurking than what is merely in front of you. The first time you see them perform you'll think you’re in a surreal dream. Jess Royea's voice is unbelievably powerful but always engaging and inviting. Still, once you're in their orbit things aren't quite what they seem. Michael Michalik's guitar lines slink about like the enticing snake in the garden of Eden. There's danger afoot but you wouldn't want to leave. As complex as the emotions they conjure are, there is always a sense of play too. Kevin Britten on keys and David Allard on drums make damn sure that you will be tapping your feet even as you find yourself completely transfixed. You could try and box Helen of Joy into a genre (Trip times even
Jazz) although to do so would be utterly foolhardy. There are familiar sounds in their work, no doubt, but those are just friendly hands to cling on to as you enter the unknown.

-Shawn Thicke


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